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Thanksgiving break 2018: Blume group is moving from Nielsen Hall to Lin Hall

Jianwen, Jugal, and Qingze are proving to be more efficient and reliable than professional movers. They moved their offices on Friday afternoon in a record time of just two hours: books, notes, and computers. Even better: they moved Doerte’s entire office, including a seemingly endless string of boxes, in just a few hours during Thanksgiving break. Better yet, they put the books and folders back onto the shelves in the new office and hooked up all the electronics. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

November 2018: LiDy in Shanghai

Doerte attends LiDy at East China Normal University. Thank you to Profs. Reinhard Doerner and Jian Wu for organizing this wonderful conference! It was a truly unique and rewarding trip — my first time in Shanghai.

Thank you also to Prof. Yongping Zhang from Shanghai University for hosting me and giving me the opportunity to present a talk (“Watching ultracold two-body collisions one at a time”) on our collaborative work with the Heidelberg group.

October 13, 2018: Lin Hall Dedication

The dedication of the Homer L. Dodge Physics Complex and Lin Hall is set for Friday and Saturday, Oct 12 and 13, at the University of Oklahoma Norman campus. The Avenir Foundation and Chun C. Lin, donors for the complex, will attend the celebration. Our sincere thanks goes to the Avenir Foundation and to Prof. Chun Lin for their generous and continued support of the department’s efforts! The above picture shows a rendering of Lin Hall — it’s an amazing building, which provides the Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy with superb laboratory space that meets NIST-A specifications and office space.

Jianwen, Qingze, and Doerte attend “Jin Fest” in September 2018

Doerte took this opportunity to go up to the Rockies for a day hike with her friend Christie.

Three members of the group (Dr. Jianwen Jie, Dr. Qingze Guan, and Doerte) attended the “Jin Fest! A Celebration of Deborah Jin’s Scientific Career” in Boulder on September 7-8, 2018. Jianwen and Qingze both presented posters. What an amazing set of talks to celebrate Dr. Deborah Jin’s scientific career. Debbie left this world far too early — she was such a wonderful human being and such an ingenious and precise scientist. Her friends and colleagues will always remember her (dry) sense of humor and her kindness.

July 2018: Conferencing in Spain

Doerte gave an invited talk at the 26th International Conference on Atomic Physics, ICAP 2018, Barcelona, Spain. The meeting took place July 22-27, 2018. What a wonderful experience! Many thanks to the organizers.

After ICAP, Doerte travelled to Benasque, Spain, where she served as a co-organizer of the workshop entitled “Small and Medium Sized Cold Atom Systems” in Benasque, Spain. The workshop took place July 29-August 3, 2018, and was organized in collaboration with Miguel A. Garcia-March, Gregory Astrakharchik, Thomas Busch, Bruno Julia-Diaz. What fantastic place to to do research. Doerte took the opportunity to do a couple of day hikes between the two meetings.

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