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Wichita Mountains in December 2019

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is located in the southwestern part of Oklahoma. It hosts bisons, Texas longhorn, elk,… and it offers a number of breathtaking hiking opportunities. It’s located near Medicine Park, a funky little stone house town. Allow for about 75 to 105 minutes for the drive from Norman to the refuge/trailhead.

November 7, 2019: Jugal Talukdar passes his General Exam

Jugal presented a talk to his committee based on his written report, which he had distributed among the committee members ahead of time, and passed the general exam. Congratulations Jugal!!!

October 25, 2019: Dedication of the Center for Quantum Research and Technology

The dedication of the Center for Quantum Research and Technology (CQRT) will take place on Friday, October 25 at 2:30pm. The ceremony will be attended by the Oklahoma governor, OU President, Provost and Dean. The event will be followed by tours in Lin Hall, the state of the art laboratory where the CQRT is housed, and by three lectures in Nielsen Hall. One of the lectures will be offered by Neal Lane, a Senior Fellow in Science and Technology Policy, Professor Emeritus at Rice University and current member of the Board of Visitors of the HLD Department of Physics and Astronomy at OU. All are welcome to attend! The photo shows graduate student Jugal Talukdar, posing in the entrance area of Lin Hall, at the day of the dedication of the CQRT. What an exciting day! And how wonderful to be able to celebrate with so many strong supporters!

October 11, 2019: Interferometer paper by Dr. Jianwen Jie is out

Jianwen’s paper on “Spinor Bose-Einstein condensate interferometer within the undeleted pump approximation: Role of the initial state” is out! See PRA 100, 043606 (2019). Congratulations to Jianwen and Qingze!

The figure on the right shows one of the key ingredients: Jianwen investigated how the time evolution during time t1 and t2 impact the interferometer sensitivity.

August 2019: Sending off Dr. Guan…

Qingze will be leaving the group soon to start his work as an Assistant Research Professor/International Guest Researcher at Temple University/NIST Gaithersburg in the group of Prof. Svetlana Kotochigova. Thank you Qingze for the many contributions to the group and good luck during your new adventures! Stay in touch and do what you want, within reason…

June 2019: Zhuhai and Hong Kong

Doerte attended the Third Conference on Few-Body Physics in Cold Atomic Gases in Zhuhai, China. The conference took place June 7-9, 2019. Many thanks to the organizers, foremost Prof. Zhenhua Yu, for organizing this amazing meeting! Doerte flew into and out of Hong Kong (yes, it was in June 2019!) and also took this opportunity to visit Prof. Dajun Wang and his group at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Thank you for the hospitality, the great discussions, and the opportunity to present my work! Doerte was also able to do some sightseeing in Hong Kong, a lot of it in the rain…

February 27, 2019: Physics Synopsis on OU-Heidelberg collaboration

see physics.aps.org/articles/v12/s24

A joint theory-experiment investigation on two colliding cold atoms got published in Physical Review Letters: “Density Oscillations Induced by Individual Ultracold Two-Body Collisions”, Q. Guan, V. Klinkhammer, R. Klemt, J. H. Becher, A. Bergschneider, P. M. Preiss, S. Jochim, and D. Blume, PRL 122, 083401 (2019). The experimental data by the Heidelberg team are just amazing! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to collaborate on this project. The paper was highlighted as an Editor’s suggestion and in a Physics Synopsis. Congratulations to all!

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